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Strategic Business Planning

Your Potential Problems:

  • The longer-term goals are not clear
  • There is a lack of confidence that the right strategic investments are being made
  • No formal plan for investors/stakeholders

Your Solution: The Strategic Check-up

  1. Start by getting clear on what the future will look like if the business continues on its current course. A combination of analytical tools, business environment research, and participative decision-making produce a long-range forecast of your business’s key performance indicators.
  2. Articulate a vision. What does success look like from the perspective of all the key stakeholders?
  3. Understand your options. What are the paths to achieving your vision? What markets do you focus on (and not focus on)?
  4. Decide on the plan. How do you go to market? What capabilities must be created or acquired? What investment is necessary?
  5. Build the detailed implementation roadmap. Who does what and when to make this plan happen?

Our process involves high participation by the leadership team all the way through so the final product has ownership and commitment from all the key players. All of the tools used in this process are re-usable for future refreshing of the strategy. Some of these management tools include:

  • External business environment survey
  • Business trajectory plotter
  • BAU forecast, objectives and gap
  • Strategic business unit growth share analysis
  • Blue ocean analysis
  • Decision trees
  • Initiative business case analysis and decision-making (linked to gap analysis)